Call: Protect lives! Legalize abortion! Away with § 218!

Every year anti-abortionist gather. They mobilize to so called „silent marches“ as in Annaberg-Buchholz since 2010. These negotiate the right of self-determination of everybody – but particularly of people who can get pregnant. This event in Annaberg-Buchholz is currently organized by „Lebensrecht Sachsen“ association. Thomas Schneider, who registers these marches, is not only founder and member of evangelical groups, but also well linked to nationalist-racist circles. The „silent marches“ in Saxonian Ore Mountains are a melting pot for persons and organisations who spread nationalism, sexism and hostile attitudes against homosexual, trans*- and intersex people and want to prohibit abortions at all costs.

Due to restrictive laws 22 million unattended pregnant people don’t have access to a safe, legal abortion. Fortunately the access to medical abortions increases. Nevertheless there are still a lot of people who are forced either to induce an abortion by inserting items into their uterus or to pay expensive travels costs to countries with more liberal laws. Every year 47.000 of them die for these reasons. Countless others suffer from complications or prosecutions.
Therefore anti-abortionist are not pro life! Who wants to protect lives of unattended pregnant people should advocate for legal abortions! In Germany abortion is still not legal – § 218 rather penalized abortions.

We want change! We claim:
Protect lives! Legalize abortions! Away with § 218!

Join us monday June 12th 2017 in Annaberg-Buchholz 5 pm.
Parking place Erzgebirgsklinikum*

*The proper venue will we announced as soon as possible.