“Pro Choice”-Aktion in London

Der Kampf um reproduktive Rechte wird international geführt. Auch wenn die rechtliche, soziale und politische Lage häufig ganz unterschiedlich ist, kann man doch überall gewisse Gemeinsamkeiten erkennen. Ein Beispiel dafür ist der Aufruf zu einer Pro-Choice-Aktion am 09. Mai in London gegen gegen eine rechte religiöse Anti-Abtreibungs-Prozession. Letztere soll von einer Kirche zu einer Klinik führen, in der Schwangerschaftsabbrüche vorgenommen werden. Die Gruppe “Feminist Fightback” will sich den Lügen und der als “besorgte Beratung” getarnten Belästigung und Beeinflussung der Klient_innen der Klinik entgegenstellen.

Ein anderes Beispiel ist der Tag für die Legalisierung von Abtreibungin Lateinamerika, zu dem die e*vibes letztes Jahr einen Überblicksartikel (deutsch/englisch) veröffentlicht haben.

A religious anti-abortion group are planning a procession from a church in east London to a nearby abortion clinic. We can’t let this go unchallenged – they might have a right to express their opinion, but they don’t have a god-given right to stand outside a clinic, peddle lies and intimidate and harass people. As well as making sure people can access the clinic safely, we want to do a lively action that makes a stand against the religious right-wing and their anti-women views that are dressed up as concern and counselling.

More details to follow but pls save the time and date! The location is near a tube station in East London. https://www.facebook.com/events/1620581718156536/

There will be a banner and placard making session on Tuesday 28th April at the Common House 7-9pm. We can use the riso printer to print off your own ‘pro-choice’ designs. We will also discuss plans of action for the day.

Spread the news to all your networks!

Abortion is not just a ‘women’s’ issue. And not just about a woman’s individual ‘right’ or ‘choice’**, which is hard to come by in a capitalist system, especially for black and working class women who always bear the brunt of such policies – either by not being able to access abortions if they want one, or being forced to have one because the state doesn’t want them to reproduce, or having to have one because they can’t afford to have a baby. As communists/anarchists/socialists of various types, we should all recognise the importance of reproductive justice, linked as it is to capitalist production and control over working class bodies. We all have an interest in defending ourselves against the state and religious powers.

Abortion is a class issue! All genders welcome!

In solidarity,
feminist fightback

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